Welcome New Office Staff

We are excited to introduce you to our newest HR and Training Department office staff members: Tanner Paskett, Maria Torres, and Matthew Sizemore. 

Tanner is joining our team as the new Trainer. He just moved to Arizona from Utah in May of 2021. Before that he was working as a caregiver for disabled adults while he was working on his psychology degree in Logan, Utah. During his free time, Tanner likes to spend time with my dog, explore nature, and read books. Tanner’s first initial thought about Home Assist Health is “I am happy to start this job as a trainer because I enjoy spending time with the caregivers and learning from their experiences.” We’re thrilled to have you on board as our new trainer!

Maria is joining our team as an HR/Training Administrative Assistant. Maria is 22 years old, originally from California where she was born and raised. She has been in Arizona for 4 years now and attended GCU as a first-generation college student where she obtained her Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Congratulations Maria! In her free time, Maria loves to travel to new places and try new foods. She also loves learning about astrology and studying crystals. Maria’s first initial thought about Home Assist health is that “Everyone is extremely welcoming and easy to fit in with.” We’re happy to hear you’re fitting in well and excited to see flourish in your new role!

Matthew Sizemore joins our team as the Human Resource Coordinator. Matthew is originally from Tennessee but has also lived in other places, such as Kentucky, Wisconsin, and now Arizona. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2020, where he got the chance to focus his studies on organizational behaviors, cognitive psychology, and motivation. Matthew’s first initial thought about Home Assist health is “I am absolutely thrilled to be starting here at Home Assist Health with all of you. I’m only 2 weeks in and this place already does feel like home! I am excited to eventually meet all of you!” We’re delighted to have you and glad to hear you feel at home!

Next time you are in the office, please say hello and welcome them to our team!!