Payroll April Calendar & Human Resource Updates

Payroll Reminders:

Home Assist Health is paperless for all time and attendance.  Please use the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) that has been provided to you.  This is a State mandated system and failure to properly use this system  will include but not be limited to delay in pay and disciplinary actions.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office today 602-795-7620.

Pay dates by month:


                      April 8

                      April 22

Full 2022 Payroll Calendar-Click Here

Reminders: Paystubs are available on Paycom, as we have successfully transferred our payroll activities from ADP to Paycom.  It is extremely important that you log into Paycom to confirm that all your personal information is correct including taxes, direct deposit and contact information. Paycom allows you more control of your information including updating your contact information, tax withholding and direct deposit. Please let us know if you need your initial Paycom login information.

Paycom: Please feel free to download the Paycom app available on the App Store® or Google Play®  for easy access to your paystubs.

Please remember:
•  The first character of your login information is a zero, not the letter “O”
•  Passwords are case-sensitive

Human Resource Reminders:

2021 W2s have been mailed. If you have not received yours, please confirm your mailing address and notify HR of any changes to your contact information at [email protected] or call in and update.

Do you know someone that would be a great fit for Home Assist Health? We are now hiring for the following positions:

• Direct Care worker-MCO
• Direct Care Worker-DDD

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