New Caregiver Training Courses Available!

We are excited to announce a new training course that will be incorporated into our Annual Continuing Education Training (CET).

The course is called: Battling COVID-19 in 2021 and includes:

• An all-new introduction discussing the challenges and possibilities of reaching herd immunity
• A detailed timeline of what we’ve seen the virus do thus far and what’s to come
• New information on the use of pulse oximetry at home
• A description of COVID-19 long haulers
• Details of currently available vaccines
• An explanation of why it’s so important for caregivers to get vaccinated
• FAQs about vaccines and variants
• New CDC guidance on double masking
• New quiz questions

This is an important training that will be added to your annual training course list based on your anniversary date. Please contact training if you would like to complete this training earlier.