March Caregiver of the Month

Congratulations to Home Assist Health’s caregiver of the month for March 2022, Rosa Rodriguez! Rosa is truly a sparkling diamond and a valued asset to our team. She has been an active caregiver since 2017 and has worked with several members for many years. Rosa takes compassionate care to another other level by being personable and genuine with the members she cares for. Her charming personality is what makes her connection with her members so special. From the words of one her members, “ I would like to nominate Rosa for MVP, as he puts it “Most Valuable Personality.”” He also stated, ” this is important in the life of a person who is ill! Rosa brightens my days and makes my life a little easier. Rosa is someone I look forward to seeing and honored to have in my life.”

Rosa’s journey as a caregiver started off with her taking care of her father until he passed away, and her passion to help others never faltered so she continued with our agency as a general caregiver where she continues to put smiles on her member’s faces. When asked what advice she would give others looking to join the industry, she said, “have a lot patience and make sure to listen to your member.” Thank you Rosa for providing compassionate equality to our members!

Congratulations Rosa Rodriguez for being selected as the Home Assist Health Caregiver of the Month for March 2022. We are beyond grateful and honored to have you as a caregiver!