LiveWELL – Spring Self-Care

Are you over the winter blues and want to spring ahead to a better mindset? Here are three ways to boost your mood right now!

1.  Listen to an uplifting podcast: Turn off the negativity and turn on an uplifting podcast that inspires you to put your best self forward.

2.  Practice alternate nostril breathing: Slow down your breathing and speed up your pathway to positivity. Practice deep breathing to calm your nervous system and push out anxious thoughts. Here’s how describes alternate nostril breathing: First, exhale completely, then inhale deeply. On your next exhale, gently place an index finger against your right nostril bring it to a close. Inhale using just your left nostril. Then move your index finger to the left nostril to close that one off and exhale through only the open right nostril. Continue alternating sides and repeat for 15 rounds.

3.  Reach for high-protein snacks: Power through your to-do list and avoid an energy crash by filling up on high-protein snacks. Try hard-boiled eggs, nuts, Greek yogurt, nut butter, and veggies.

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