PlayWELL- 3 positive ways exercise impacts heart health

Moving your body is pivotal in living a healthy lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle means a healthy heart. We hope that these info-facts from John Hopkins medicine motivates you to start or continue an exercise regimen that works best for you!
1. Exercise can stop or reduce the development of diabetes. When strength training is combined with aerobic exercise, it can lower the chances of developing diabetes by 50% because exercise allows the muscles to process glycogen (used for energy). When glycogen in our muscles is not working correctly, this is when the risk for diabetes happens.
2. Exercise lowers blood pressure. Physical exercise is a natural medicine to slow your heart rate and lower your blood pressure. High blood pressure puts a lot of strain on your heart which is a risk factor for heart disease.
3. Exercise reduces stress. Being stress-free is so important for our health. When we experience stress, it causes us to put extra pressure on our hearts. Exercise allows us to activate our happy hormones, release stress and relax.

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