LiveWELL -Desert Heat Wellness Tips

Spending time in the sunlight has several positive benefits. According to SCL Health, sunlight loads your body with beneficial vitamins, releases serotonin (our happiness hormone), and boosts bone health. However, in Arizona, with summer temperatures that rise above 100 degrees, spending time outside can be challenging. Below are tips for spending time in our summer sun.

1. Shop at your local farmer’s market. You can stock up on seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables at your local farmer’s market. It’s a great activity to do on your weekend mornings while getting some natural sunlight before the temperature peaks!

2. Get your outdoor walk or run done early or late in the day. If you enjoy exercising outdoors, schedule your workouts for early in the morning or once the sun begins to set to avoid the midday heat. Sunrise and sunset walks are great ways to begin or wind down your day!

3. Try making a DIY electrolyte drink. Fitonapp shares, “Electrolytes are minerals that carry a charge and play essential roles in the body, including maintaining fluid balance.” The

summer is a wonderful time to experiment with making DIY Electrolyte drinks to stay hydrated.

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