June is National Safety Month – What to Look for Inside a Member’s Home

June is National Safety Month. Safety issues and concerns are all around people’s homes. As more people decide to receive their care at home, there are some things to consider to make their home a safe environment.

The first step is to ask a member if he or she has completed an in-home safety assessment, which can be provided by many local agencies.

Simple adjustments don’t require a lot of money but can make a big difference. Many people find that they can make these changes themselves.

  • Add textured, no-slip strips in the bathtub and shower.
  • Apply nonslip wax on floors.
  • Place a waterproof seat or chair in the shower.
  • Put nonskid treads on steps.
  • Remove throw rugs.
  • Remove wheels on chairs.
  • Replace standard doorknobs with lever handles.
  • Replace toilet with a raised or high-profile toilet.
  • Use rubber-backed bathmats.

In addition, seasonal maintenance can make a huge impact on safety for someone’s home. Here is a checklist of items to ask when providing care in someone’s home this summer.

  • When is the last time the air conditioning unit was serviced?
  • Have you vacuumed the refrigerator coils lately?
  • Is it time to test the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and/or replace batteries or devices if necessary?
  • Is it time to clean or replace your air filters?
  • Should we check the gutters in case of any upcoming monsoon storms?

A few simple reminders during your visits with members can make a lasting impact on their quality of life, and keep them safe during our hot Arizona summers.