Join me in saying goodbye to 2020 and celebrating the New Year, 2021!

Dear Caregivers and Staff,

This year has been defined by historic disruptions that have rattled the world. I once thought that history was something that happened to other people. By living during this period, I realize, we are part of a greater whole of history. And as I reflect on 2020 and welcome 2021, I am grateful to the lessons we’ve learned and perseverance we share:

Home is where our health is – Thank you caregivers for helping our members age at home.

We must all do our part – Thank you caregivers for practicing the necessary precautions to keep our most at risk safe.

We must have patience and a long view perspective – Thank you for sticking with us as we understand and implement changes for our new “normal.”

We must be adaptable and resilient – Thank you for your participation in new COVID-19 trainings, screenings and new uses of personal protective equipment.

Self-discipline and self-care will help carry you through – You must care for yourself and your own health in order to properly care for others.

There is no organization more dedicated to its members and community. Together we are a force for good and will emerge from the pandemic stronger.


Sara Wilson

CEO & President
Home Assist Health