It’s Caregiver Appreciation Month – Fun Activities Await

As we enter the month of November, a month of thanks, a month of reflection, and the nationally recognized month to celebrate caregivers, we would like to take a moment to truly express our gratitude to each and every one of you!

We recognize that certain days can feel like you are competing in an Olympic sport. Some days begin with the urge to start a race before the starting gun fires. You may feel fatigued or as if you dropped the baton in a relay. Other days you may feel like you mastered all those little hurdles or freestyled your way through the waves in the pool that led you to a gold medal.

At the end of each day, know that Home Assist Health truly believes each and every one of you are gold medalists, especially through the additional challenges amid a global pandemic. Home Assist Health understands your role and how it’s guided by the heart and done out of love. Whether you fell into this role unexpectedly or it is a launching pad for your career, we simply want to thank you for everything you do every day.

As we do every year, Home Assist Health will be using this month to acknowledge you, the caregiver, who selflessly attends to our vulnerable community members in hopes of providing them comfort and support to live safely at home.

Throughout the month there will be opportunities for you to connect with our program team, leadership and each other. Please take a few minutes to read each article in our newsletter to learn about all the opportunities and recognitions throughout the month.

~ The Home Assist Health Leadership Team