Honoring Home Assist Health Retirees

Retirement is something that all of us keep in the back of our minds as we enter the workforce. When we reach that milestone, it is time to reflect on the good we have accomplished.

At Home Assist Health, we have been able to watch our caregivers grow over the years, and even watch them hit their ultimate career milestone…retirement!

As a non-profit company who manages more than 500 employees, it’s an honor to retain incredible caregivers until they approach retirement.

This month we want to recognize three very important caregivers who have given their time, dedication, and whole heart to the care of others. We celebrate their selfless careers as they reach retirement.

Carolyn C. came to Home Assist Health in 2019, where she dedicated her time caring for a family member.

Carmen E. spent the last 6.5 years caring for several people within our community, who all loved and adored her. They always had incredible things to share with us about the care they received.

Connie S. was able to work with us for 6.5 years caring for her daughter. We enjoyed watching her give her whole heart and be able to serve in this role for one of her own.

Your journeys and legacies continue as wonderful examples for the next generation of caregivers. You have set a high standard for those who follow. Thank you for your incredible hearts and service over the years. We hope retirement is everything you dreamed of and more.