Home Assist Health is Now a Wellness AtoZ Employer

Home Assist Health is excited to announce its participation in the Wellness AtoZ program!

Wellness AtoZ is aimed at making Arizona and the Greater Phoenix region known as a destination for healthy talent and a healthy community. The key elements of the program include three main initiatives:

PlayWELL: This is an activity challenge where Home Assist Health will encourage you to participate and track your activity. This will be seasonal, with the first challenge being announced very soon.

LiveWELL: This will keep you actively engaged in wellness through a series of communications via email. Each month will highlight different wellness themes and interesting facts and stories.

WorkWELL: We are excited to receive feedback from you that we can share at WorkWELL quarterly webinars where some of the best health-conscious minds in Arizona work together to create a healthy workforce for the future. We will be participating in the next WorkWELL webinar at the end of June 2021.


Please stay tuned as we begin to rollout this exciting new program!