Home Assist Health = Compassion in Action

We want to kick off this newsletter with a special thanks to you, our awesome Caregivers! On behalf of all of us in the office and the board of directors, we extend to you our deepest gratitude and respect.

We are emerging from of one of the most challenging years in recent history stronger. Through it all, you continued to serve those who needed your support and care at home.  And you did it with unwavering compassion. Inspired by your resilience and the fortitude of our members we are updating our brand to reflect each one of you and work you do every day.  We would like you to be the first to see them:


Home Assist Health is a bridge of compassionate equality for all people in their independence, health and well-being.


To be a home care pioneer creating stronger communities one person at a time.


Compassion in Action 


Creating trust through Integrity

Partnering for stronger communities

Boldness to lead with a pioneer spirit

Innovation that elevates the human potential

Serving with compassionate equality

Promoting value through meaningful outcomes.