Home Assist Health Celebrates Six Years of Impacting Lives!

Home Assist Health is celebrating its 6-year anniversary of serving the Maricopa County community as a leading in-home care company! Born out of the Complete Comfort Care program at Valleywise Medical Center, Home Assist Health became its very own non-profit home care organization. Through the years, and a lot of transition, Home Assist Health has been able to overcome many of the challenges that home care organizations face.

“We have seen so much growth,” said Sylvia Crawford, administrative assistant who has been part of Home Assist Health since inception. “We have so much love for the mission and have so much love for our caregivers.”

Under Sara Wilson’s leadership, Home Assist Health has a team of more than 500 employees. She has successfully established protocols, recruited top-of-the-line administration, and advocated for home care with our local and national legislatures. Over the past six years, Home Assist Health has provided high-quality care to members ranging from elderly individuals longing to age gracefully in their home to children or adults with developmental disabilities. To date we have provided more than 18 million hours of care and employed more than 1,000 employees.

One of the most unique things that Home Assist Health offers to new caregivers is free training to become certified as a Direct Care Worker and as a Direct Support Provider for the Arizona Department of Developmental Disabilities. Employees are also trained in CPR, First Aid, infection control and other basic care techniques.

“We have seen so many people come through our doors over the years,” said Sylvia. “And even through trying times like these, we work very hard together and have created a real sense of family.”

There are many behind-the-scenes improvements over the years as well, including new payroll services, electronic verification, and other paperless processes.

“It definitely makes our jobs and processes easier,” said Jeanne Caldwell, Billing Payroll Coordinator.

“Where I have seen the most improvements is how much more we are able to pay our caregivers, offer training and give them sick time. We feel like when we can take care of them, they can take better care of our members,” said Jeanne.

Everyone can attest that the business of caregiving is something that comes from within. A person’s heart and soul must be there, as it takes a special person to be part of this.

Starting with a solid foundation of dedication and courage, we have confidence that everyone will continue working together to strengthen this business for it greatest growth ever. Thank you all for everything you are doing and Happy Anniversary to everyone who has helped make Home Assist Health successful!