Holiday Safety Tips

While the holidays are meant to remind us of all that we should be thankful for, it can also be a difficult time for both seniors and family caregivers. Many seniors may feel lonely or reminded of people they may have lost in the past. Family caregivers may feel overwhelmed by the stress of holiday planning stacked up with their normal caregiving routines.

Here are nine ways for caregivers to keep their homes safe for visitors and loved ones of all ages this holiday season:

  1. Make sure all smoke detectors are in working order.
  2. Place a fire extinguisher near the stove and make sure it’s in good working order.
  3. Remove area rugs to prevent trips and falls.
  4. Keep stairs and hallways free of clutter, including toys, boxes, loose shoes, etc.
  5. Wipe up spilled grease, water or bits of food immediately to prevent slipping.
  6. Keep all those extra electric cords out from under rugs, doors and moveable furniture.
  7. Make sure extension cords are UA-approved, the proper size for the appliance or light, and show no signs of fraying. If they are frayed, replace them.
  8. Know the location of water, gas and electric shutoffs.
  9. Have a physician-approved or American Red Cross first-aid kit ready and replenished.

No one wants to spend time in the emergency department during the holidays. So, before it gets too hectic, take a closer look around the home. It’s important to address the specific care needs of older adults during the holiday season in order to make their home, or visits to your home, as fun and safe as possible.

For most people, home is the best place to be during the holidays. By making it safe, everyone will enjoy the season.