Compassion in Action Awards

We have launched our newest recognition program where members of our staff nominate their peers for various “Compassion in Action” awards. Our inaugural winners are below. Congratulations and thank you for your extraordinary work for our organization! Read more details on their specific nominations below.

Outstanding Service Excellence Award– Recognizes an employee who has consistently demonstrated exemplary performance within their program and has excelled in supporting the programs and services.

Awardee: Marissa Sarmiento – ” Quite honestly, Marissa exemplified the person- centered before she even heard the phrase. She has an intuition about people; she knows how to read them so she can foster effective communication. She is very well- rounded, so she can connect with individuals from all backgrounds- seeing the best in everyone. She understands that we are all more than our biggest mistake in life. She can look beyond social stigmas (e.g., mental illness, criminal records, addiction, etc.) and see each patient for who they really are- human beings deserving of care and compassion.”

Outstanding Team Partnership Award– Recognizes an individual, a work team, committee or department who has made significant contributions to advance the position and performance of the department or organization. This may be an individual or group nomination.

Awardee: Sylvia Crawford– “Sylvia’s actions have impacted her peers and those are company supports as well. Whether it be through giving her all in her daily tasks no matter how small that task may be, always working to make a positive and thriving work environment for myself and the rest of our team, or even giving her absolute best effort to make every single one of our caregivers that come in feel appreciated for who they are wand what they do, Sylvia has shown what it means to fully represent Home Assist and our values.”

Outstanding Leadership Award– Recognizes an employee who inspires, influences, and conducts themselves in a professional manner, acting as a role model for others to follow in the workplace and our community.

Awardee: Zane Freeman- “Zane assures members needs are all met when he provides services, he never complains and gives 110%. Regardless of what language is spoken when providing services, Zane makes it happen. The impact Zane has for those around him, is a sense of peace and pride. No matter the weight Zane carries upon him, he provides everyone around him those much needed laughs throughout the day to make everyone feel at ease when they are stressing. He provides support whenever it’s needed.”

Outstanding Person First Approach Award– Recognizes an employee who exceeds standards and works effectively to ensure the optimal member and caregiver experience with uncompromising Person- First approach.

Awardee: Frances Miranda- “Frances puts the members and caregivers first. She challenges our team to remember and to keep those entities at the forefront of what we do. She has a standard of excellence in the community. Frances has consistently exhibited an advanced level of performance and is the first to raise her hand when it comes to covering members. She has been a stellar performer for more time than anyone in our program.”

These nominations for these awards on a quarterly basis. We need your help! If you know of anyone deserving of these awards, give us a call at (602)795- 7620 to let us know.

Winners are pictured left to right from above list.