Caregiver of the Month- October

Home Assist Health is excited to announce our October Caregiver of the Month, Marisela Hernandez. Marisela has been a caregiver for 6 months and in that time she has adapted a compassionate spirit to learn and find a passion for her work in caring for others. She prides herself on being consistent by always being available and on time for her shifts. Marisela was introduced into the world of caregiving by her friend Karla and has not looked back ever since.

Marisela has received many kudos from her supervisors on how punctual she is and eager to provide care for others. When asked what advice she would give others, Marisela said, “You have to have so much patience and respect for others especially the elderly. You also have to appreciate what you do. Think like the member you’re taking care of is your family or parent because one day you never know if you are going to be in their position. Make sure to love what you do and if this is not for you it’s ok it’s not for everyone, but is very joyful and it makes my heart bigger and bigger each day when I’m with my members.” Thank you, Marisela, for being such an amazing example of our caregiving team!