Caregiver of the Month – May

Every month, Home Assist Health recognizes an outstanding caregiver on our team. This month we would like to recognize Patricia Barazza.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been a caregiver. When your heart has a natural calling to caring for the needs of others, it shines bright.

Caregivers like Patricia not only make a difference in lives by providing companionship, but they also support the health and wellbeing of the Member.  Patricia noticed that her Member’s medication kit was not updated with her daily prescriptions.  Although Patricia could not assist in refilling the prescriptions, she knew to contact her Supervisor right away, who advocated with the Case Manager and the family to ensure the medications were updated.  Patricia also proactively monitored her member to ensure her blood pressure didn’t increase and she was feeling well through the duration of her shift until someone could assist.

Thank you, Patricia, for being so loving and attentive to the members you serve.