Caregiver of the Month – March 2021

Home Assist Health is continuously implementing ways to engage with our DCWs. Our Caregiver of the Month program allows us to recognize DCWs for their incredible work, especially since we all don’t have the opportunity to experience the impact they make on our members.

The Caregiver of the Month for March is Lynn Hooker. Lynn has numerous members that she invests her time and energy into, and if you have ever had a chance to speak with her, she is full of life. She is direct, passionate and does not hesitate to share with you what she thinks, yet always in a compassionate way. Lynn has been with Home Assist Health since 2014, but started her career working with disabled children in 1985, which lead to becoming a foster parent in 1986.

An example of Lynn’s desire to serve Home Assist Health members became prevalent during the recent COVID-19 pandemic when she did not hesitate to go back into a member’s home after the member was diagnosed with COVID-19 while in the hospital. Lynn knew that the member needed someone, and she wasn’t going to keep her member from not having what she needed.

Thank you for what you do every day. If you know someone like Lynn, who will make a great nomination for Caregiver of the Month, please let us know!

You are greatly appreciated.