Burrito Bowl – Healthy Recipe on a Budget

Whether your New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier, be budget conscious, or to even suggest new ways to help our own members how to each healthy on a budget, we felt this fun recipe would check all of those boxes for you!  The fresh flavors in this Burrito Bowl make for a healthy, delicious, and affordable option! This recipe is inspired by a wrapped, handheld burrito, but executed with a new approach.

Burrito Bowl Ingredients:

• 1 Cup White Rice
• 2 Cups Water
• 16-oz. Can of Pinto or Black Beans
• 16-oz. Can of Salsa or Diced Tomatoes
• 12-oz. Can of Sliced Black Olives
• 1 Cup Shredded Mexican Cheese
• 16-oz. Can of Corn or Chopped Lettuce

Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

Place water and rice in a small sauce pan and bring to a boil. Once boiling, reduce heat to simmer, cover with lid, and cook for 15-20 minutes, until rice is fluffy.

Distribute rice between four bowls, and evenly top the rice with the remaining ingredients. Customize the toppings based on your favorite burrito ingredients and flavors!

Recipe from: www.valueseekersclub.dollartree.com