FAQs For the Caregiver

Will Home Assist Health still be part of Maricopa County Special Healthcare District?

No. Home Assist Health will become a separate base of business.

Will the office be relocating?

We will be relocating. A new location has not been determined yet.

Will I still be able to participate in Arizona State Retirement?

No. Once the transition occurs, you will no longer be able to participate in ASRS as we will no longer be a part of the Maricopa County Special Healthcare District. 

Will my rate of pay remain the same?


Will my Client Care Supervisor through Home Assist Health be different?

No. You will continue to have the same Client Care Supervisor as you currently have through Complete Comfort Care.

What will happen to my insurance benefit if I’m a long time caregiver that still has medical benefits through the Special Healthcare District?

The management team will be communicating benefit availability as we transition to Home Assist Health. 

Will my ability to provide services to my client be affected with this change?

No. You will continue to provide services to your client but you will be paid through Home Assist Health. There will be no interruptions to your client’s services or hours.

Will I still have mandatory retirement taken from my paycheck if I work 20 hours or more once we become Home Assist Health?

No. You will no longer be contributing to Arizona State Retirement so no retirement will be taken from your paycheck.

Will the new company offer benefits?

The management team will be communicating benefit availability as we transition to Home Assist Health.

Will there be changes to policies and procedures as a result of this change?

Yes. Any changes to policies and procedures will be communicated through periodic updates.

Will someone be able to help me with any paperwork needed to change over to the new company?

Yes. Your assigned supervisor will be in contact with you as necessary to ensure a smooth transition to the new company.

Will I get a new Client Care Supervisor?

No. your assigned supervisor will remain the same.

Will I be kept aware of the progress regarding this change to Home Assist Health?

Yes. Updates will be given via home visits by your assigned supervisor during home visits, mail outs, and website updates at www.homeassisthealth.org.

Is the client being notified of these anticipated changes?

Yes. All changes are being communicated simultaneously to the clients, caregivers and health plan Case Managers.

Where can I find updated information?

You can view updates regarding this transition at www.homeassisthealth.org.