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When is this change going to occur?

We are anticipating Home Assist Health to begin serving clients in July, 2014. We will be posting updates to our website at www.homeassisthealth.org as updates are available.

Will the office be relocating?

We will be relocating. A new location has not been determined yet.

Will my hours or services be affected by this change?

No. Your hours and services will not change as a result of this transition. We will be working closely with you, your caregiver, your Client Care Supervisor and your health plan Case Manager to ensure a smooth transition to Home Assist Health.

Will I be able to keep my caregivers?

Yes. Your caregivers will not change as a result of this transition.

Will my Client Care Supervisor through Home Assist Health be different?

No. You will continue to have the same Client Care Supervisor as you currently have through Complete Comfort Care.

Will I be kept updated as these changes occur?

Yes. You will be updated as part of your home visits and you can also stay up to date by visiting our website at www.homeassisthealth.org.

Is my health plan Case Manager aware of these changes that will be occurring?

Yes. We are making every effort to communicate updates to the client, caregivers and Case Managers at the same time.